When you shift your energy, the energy around you shifts… back into self-love. 

My life is a mess…a total disaster…
How am I going to pay these bills? 
I need a car…
I need to get out of this house…
I feel like the walls are caving in and I can’t see my way out…
There’s nothing I can do to make this better..
My creativity has left the building.
There’s not enough time in the day..
Nothing is working…everything is going to shit.
I feel like a complete failure.
I can’t do this anymore..
I just want to quit.

Sound familiar?
That was me recently, having a meltdown.

Have you ever felt completely defeated by life? 
So overwhelmed that you just feel like burning it all to the ground?

I get it.

One of the biggest obstacles to self love is measuring our worthy by how we feel. We can congratulate ourselves when we’re happy, feel like we have it all figured out, and then when the happiness leaves, we start wondering what’s wrong with us.

Painful emotions exist to let us know we’re identifying with fear rather than love, living out of alignment with our true needs and desires, or it’s coming up as something that needs acknowledgment and healing. 

The problem is not the emotion itself. The emotion has a meaning and a message. Instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?” Ask yourself, “What is this trying to teach me?”  

If you notice yourself getting caught up in the judgement trap, send compassion to your small self, the one that is suffering. Responding to emotional pain with compassion is a foundational element of self-love. 

Sometimes we get caught up in our negative stories and feel powerless. And so we create a reality that reflects what’s going on inside us. We don’t allow ourselves to be in a high vibrational energy that is going to create the outcome we want. When this happens, it’s a call for surrender. 

The more we fight pain, the more it grows and festers and the more powerless and hopeless we feel. It isn’t until we begin to surrender to the pain and allow ourselves to be with it that we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The more you surrender, the more open you become. 

Surrender happens when you stop looking outside yourself for assurance, acceptance, love and worth. It doesn’t mean you’re a quitter, you’re simply offering it up for love to take the lead.

The art of gratitude is the ultimate lesson in faith and surrender. While I was having my meltdown, my husband reminded me of what I always tell him, when he’s overwhelmed with life…”Write down what you’re grateful for”. 

I wrote down 50 things I was grateful for and it felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders. Gratitude is the greatest medicine. It can shift the energy within you fast. When you shift your energy, the energy around you shifts… back into self-love. 

Self love is a journey towards our authentic selves.

It gives your mind, body and soul the nourishment it needs to live a life of well-being and happiness.

Self love is about consistently choosing to embody love and constantly showing up for yourself.

Because you are worthy and deserving of a life of radiance.