WE ARE ENERGY and have an energy field. All sickness whether physical or emotional first starts in your energy field. When you do not attend to your whole energy field those things that could have easily been released in the outer edges begin to creep into the physical body and grow bigger and bigger until you have a physical sensation or experience that calls to your attention.

Clients I have worked with say that their Reiki Energy Healing session felt like a Soul Massage. It is truly preventative medicine that is purely natural and is what will keep your vibration high and open to all the good that wants to come to you.

1 – There is a noticeable SHIFT in how you feel. 
After a Reiki Energy Healing session you will feel Lighter. There is a very noticeable difference from before you went into session. In most sessions you feel euphoric. As energy that is not supporting you is released from your field, new light, new energy, is downloaded into the cells of your body. Negative Energy is being released and supportive Positive Energy is returned.

2 – Subconscious Blocks are removed
Your subconscious mind is what is running the show. Most of your daily thoughts are subconscious. If you stop to listen to some of those thoughts you would be amazed at how many if not most of them are knocking you down and beating you up. 

Reiki Energy Healing can help uncover these blocks and release them. There are many methods of energy healing that work to transform these subconscious blocks to new beliefs which can redirect and open you to healing and creating new possibilities.

3 – Release Emotional Trauma associated with past experience
This is where Reiki really takes the lead in healing. Drugs cannot clear emotional trauma. Drugs can put a bandaid on the problem but cannot ever get to the root causes that created the problem. Most of the time the actual original trauma cannot be known by the mind alone. An experience that one might feel caused the problem may just be a re-stimulation of an older trauma. The original trauma is stored in the Subconscious Mind.

4 – Remove Ancestral Patterns and Programs
Much of what holds us back in life and creates problems within the body comes from Ancestral Programs that are running in the subconscious. These are not easy to find on your own, let alone release. An intuitive Reiki Energy Healer can uncover these patterns and programs, bringing them up to the surface seen and released. 

5 – Clear Energetic Ties to Negative Energies and Experience that is not supportive
We are energy beings and everything around us is also created out of energy. Little particles of energy make up everything, our bodies, everything in nature, all material items, specific traumas, thoughts, all of it is energy vibrating at certain frequencies. Because everything is energy we have energetic ties to everything in our existence. During healing sessions the ties to any of these outside energies can be released.

For example: ties to past experiences, places, homes, relationships, accidents, people, etc.  When clearing energy ties, only the energy ties that were not for your highest good are released all others remain. So, if you had an accident or a divorce, some of these experience may have been part of a spiritual lesson. Those ties would not be released, just the negative stories that arose from them. This is extremely freeing.

6 – Empowering Beliefs are instilled
This is where the fun comes in. Once negative, unsupportive energy is released, we can create new beliefs and new ways of being. I do this with the modalities of my BeautyFLY Coaching program.

And this is just so beautiful because ultimately you and YOU alone are responsible for your healing. You call the shots. Us Energy Healers are only the vehicle for you to tap into your own innate ability to heal yourself.

7 – New Energy and Enthusiasm is gained for Transformation
So many times someone will come to me feeling really depressed, maybe extremely anxious, fearful, full of worries, lost, a failure, powerless to make change, etc. And even in one hour they feel a shift. They again become empowered because new light has come in. New possibilities are coming in, new enthusiasm and vision for their future is born. 

One single session will always feel good and create changes. But, to truly transform and create new realities, it takes continued sessions. A month, three months, six months, a year. It’s all up to you. It’s all about shining the light on those subconscious beliefs, patterns, and program. They were not created in just one day, one month. They were created over your life time and I’d say over many lifetimes.

Energy Healing is a Personal Journey
It’s all up to you. What journey do you want to take in your healing? Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, Reiki Energy Healing can create big positive changes for you.

In Love Light and Peace,