The Power of Gratitude Shifts Everything

I totally manifested this move!

For months I spoke about my dream of having a bigger house, a separate space for my business, for my kids to have their own room and more space for our beloved Hero. I was clear on, in my journaling every morning, about this dream of the specific things I wanted for my family. 
I wasn’t clear on when or how this would happen, but I knew the Universe heard my request and my job is to always stay in the vibrations of joy and gratitude so the Universe can get to work. 


On April 13th, I was on a zoom call with a friend and “the dream” came up in the conversation, after I logged off, I received an email from our property manager that the owner of our house had decided to sell and we would need to be out by the end of May. (Which was a mistake and we actually had until end of June.) We were a little shocked but not surprised, as we had been here before with previous landlords. 

The search and packing began…

The first house we looked at was within the perfect distance we wanted to move and lots of space, the neighborhood was questionable but I loved the house. The first time we looked  at the outside of the house, I was visited by a black butterfly (butterflies are my sign of hope and confirmation) I just knew that this was it! A few days later we came back to the house to viewed the inside, it was like love at first sight! This house had everything I wanted. As we were leaving, the kids and I were walking around the back yard admiring the gorgeous landscape and trees, and a yellow butterfly flew past us. 


We went home, applied for the house and waited 10 days, in the meantime still looking at other houses. We learned very quickly that we had a lot of competition, lots of people looking for a rental and the inventory was low.

Finally we received an email that we were approved for the house we loved, HOWEVER…the owner chose another applicant, so we transferred our application to another home they had that was just as gorgeous and in a better neighborhood, just a little further than we wanted to move. 

The search continued.. application after application, my life became consumed with this house search that I couldn’t focus on anything else…waiting and praying… 

After getting denied over and over and getting scammed a few times, my energy was depleting, I became mentally exhausted, tired of looking at home search apps everyday, tired of viewing homes, filling out applications, and spending money on applications. My husband and I were starting to fear the worst and I was trying my hardest to not get sucked into the fear, yet thoughts of living in a hotel came to mind, not having a home for my kids and Hero or even going back to an apartment, the thought of losing my business or having to rent a space again and not being able to homeschool my kids anymore, everything we had worked so hard for going backwards, down the drain, being frustrated with our landlord’s decision, frustrated with ourselves for getting too comfortable and we should have seen this coming and yet I had to KEEP THE END IN MIND.

Every morning I start my day off with abundance and gratitude meditations to keep my vibration high. As I pulled my morning cards, I kept seeing all the signs that a breakthrough was on the way and we were approved for the perfect house. I kept pulling the APPROVED card from Emily Aarons’ Angels in your Biz oracle card deck, literally 5 days in a row.

On May 18th, my husband came to me with a suggestion that I kept denying we would need to do…reserve a storage space for all our belongings just in case. That morning I had pulled the card again that said:

You are Enough!
PURE FOREVER AND FREE! (Chant Sanskrit: “Amarum Hum Madhuram Hum”)

I told my husband no and to wait until June 1st, if we don’t have a place by then, then lets reserve it. He walked out of the room and I felt the heaviness of his energy, worry, anxiety and fear. So I texted him (yes he was in the next room) 


He immediately came to me and said “Do you want me to text it back to you?”  I said “No, write it down, it’s not for me.” 
He wrote down his 10 things and I have no idea what they were, THE ENERGY SHIFTED!

Less than an hour later, we received an email from the Applications Department for the home we transferred our application to, that read:


A shit-ton-load of bricks had been lifted from our shoulders. Those butterflies were a sign that the Universe had our back the whole time, and the obstacles are just detours in the right direction. 

Now we are living in that dream, a gorgeous upgraded home with lots of space, separate space for my business, our kids have their own room, great neighborhood and convenient to the highway, shopping and dining.

We are beyond GRATEFUL!!!

When gratitude becomes your default setting life changes.