Releasing all that no longer serves you.

People, places, things, anything that is not being used, outgrown, taking up space, no longer wanted or needed.

My favorite way to clear energy to manifest is by decluttering. I’ve been on a simplifying journey for the last 2 years and each time I do this there is always more to detach from and release.

For the last 13 months my office has been in my bedroom, and I’ve been slowly moving it back downstairs to my actual office. It was much more convenient being upstairs while I was in my last few months of pregnancy and while nursing Onyx.

Now I appreciate going up and down those stairs for daily exercise and “going to work”. 

So, this week, I cleaned out every folder, bin, box, container, drawer, filing cabinet not once, but twice. My kids even got in on the action, they both love to draw and draw daily so their rooms are filled with their art, loose paper, sketchbooks, journals and notebooks. They went through it all and picked out their absolute favorites and chucked the rest.

I also left over 100 Facebook groups, deletes a few contacts out of my phone, unsubscribed from email lists, deleted tons of emails, texts, saved images (even a bunch of memes), added a few more items to my online yard sale Kristin’s Online Yard Sale (breastfeeding supplies, wearable pumps, baby & kids clothes, baby equipment, furniture, light fixtures, and more)

So here lies old appointment books, client files, business cards, marketing materials, product knowledge, journals, notebooks, magazines, catalogs, invoices, receipts, sketchbooks, you name it.

Plus it was the perfect night to enjoy the firepit under the stars and get grounded with nature. And make s’mores with the kiddos.

Out with old, welcoming the new. 

What are you willing to let go of in order to make room for your manifestations?  (Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)

I want my life to be as easy and simplified as possible, so taking a look at all the areas of my life was super important as I set new intentions for 2023. Change is inevitable. 

That being said, I have been practicing for the last year or so at putting my phone to bed at 9pm, any messages or phones calls can wait until 9am when the Bedtime Mode ends then I’ll respond. This had worked great for me, however recently I’ve switched my phone to Do Not Disturb mode, most phone calls I receive are scams anyways and if I miss an important call, they’ll leave a message, and I’ll return the call. I feel even less attached to my phone now and check my notifications when I WANT instead of very time, I get a notification. It’s been so freeing and LIFE CHANGING!!

This decluttering and simplifying is really all about becoming detached from things that are taking up time and space that could be used in other ways.