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We do not need to focus on "fixing" ourselves. As we focus on living from our heart center - from Love - anything that's not in alignment with that Light will fall away. -Danielle LaPorte, How To Be Loving

Self-love begins in the heart. The heart is the seat of the soul and the center of consciousness. Inspired by her books and podcast, I teamed up with Danielle LaPorte as a Heart Centered Leader. The world needs to be having more heart centered conversations and I love sharing the heart centered content with my coaching clients. The Heart Centered content is perfect for coaches, counsellors, team builders, teachers, wellness professionals and idealists of all kinds.

Become a Heart Centered Leader in your community.

The most powerful thing you can do for the world is to heal yourself.

When you focus on healing yourself, you tap into a deep reserve of self Compassion—which helps you feel connected to humanity. That connection is incredibly empowering.

A calmer, more resilient you makes for more harmony in your household, family, community and onward. Collective change is an extension of individual consciousness.

How to Be Loving: The Book

When you turn to the heart, you uncondition your mind of all kinds of social programming. The intelligence of Love dissolves eons of dogma that tells us to prove our “worth” and sort who’s superior or inferior. Being Loving doesn’t necessarily mean feeling more. It means feeling everything with more Love. It’s the ultimate inclusiveness. Because in your heart, it’s ALL IN—your light and your shadows—and everyone else’s. This is the non-dual place where complete Self acceptance has room to grow. 

How To Be Loving is a nuanced perspective on the life changing power of Self Compassion, shadow work, and being more receptive to Higher Guidance. This is a guide on how to use the genius of your heart to create conditions for healing.

How to Be Loving: The Journal

A deep journaling tool for becoming less reactive, more responsive and open to love. This journal is a resilience tool. Yearly vision quests are great, but regular reflection keeps us close to our life force—and to each other. And the more often we reflect on what’s meaningful in our life, the more light we will find to steer by. Every passage in this journal feels like a portal to your inner knowing.

Reflection prompts take the individual on a journey from seeing themselves as “separate” to recognizing that we’re each part of the Divine Plan. The experience is punctuated by micro teachings on the virtues of Loving Kindness, Compassion, Forgiving, Wisdom, and Radiance.

Tear out mini-posters are a beautiful feature. This book companion helps us train to keep responding from the heart.

How to Be Loving: The Deck

Inspiration for kindness, resilience and all kinds of idealism—to prompt conversations and reflection on the intelligence of the heart. A companion deck for the How to Be Loving Book + Journal. 

This collection is substance with a side of playful. Some cards are short paragraphs of deep teachings. Others are poignant one-liners that people will be posting everywhere. 

There are beautiful questions that can be used as conversation starters or journaling prompts. These nourishing words and sweet inquiries are antidotes to the fear-based, limiting scripts we’ve had on repeat for years. As daily writing motivation, oracle cards, date night cue cards, or on-the-spot inspiration, the How To Be Loving Deck is for deep thinkers and for people just stepping on the path to healing—themselves and our world.

Resources for Nourishment:

Self Love is taking deep, holistic care of your mind, emotions, body and spirit. Water is essential for all of these areas. About 60% of our bodies are made up of water so it's important that we replenish and stay hydrated daily.

Some basic benefits of hydrating yourself:

  • gives your immune system a boost
  • prevents headaches
  • keeps digestion healthy
  • helps your skin stay healthy and radiant

The Nikken PiMag Water System provides clean water without chemicals and is more environmentally sound, more energy efficient and more practical than commercially bottled water or higher priced water systems.


I have met my self and I am going to care for her fiercely. - Glennon Doyle

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