Remember your inherent value

True self love is not about never not feeling not good enough, inadequate or unworthy. Self-love helps you to acknowledge when you do feel this way, to meet and love yourself exactly where you are.
In my coaching sessions, I teach my clients to awaken their radiance. Radiance is a homecoming to yourself, releasing who you’ve been so you can remember who you truly and authentically are.

So many women struggle with feelings of unworthiness, from childhood memories, being betrayed by family members, bullying, insecurity and inability to trust from toxic relationships, past mistakes, grief, trauma, shame, relationship or financial status, identity, and unfulfilled dreams.

I love the quote “The wound is the doorway to your power. The shadow is where the light is.”

I want to tell you 108 times over and over that you are worthy. Somedays I need to tell myself that. The truth is, we don’t need to quantify or qualify ourselves for love, or nourishment, or ease, or happiness or reciprocity. We are DIVINE BEINGS having a human experience. “Unworthiness” is just a scam that the ego plays.

We are not our thoughts, beliefs or excuses, or intellect. We’re not our bodies and we’re definitely not our feelings or emotions.

Today I want to remind you of your DIVINE VALUE.


Worthlessness and worthiness are ego constructs. Wanting to be “worthy” is exhausting. Worth doesn’t need to be “earned”. And you don’t need to look outside of you for it.


We are always free to make a choice about how we see ourselves. And choosing to identify with our spiritual nature, is the way to wholeness.
Know that you, that exist right here, right now is already worthy.

This month inside my Facebook Group, we are doing a Self-Worth Activation,