Happy New Year

Countdown to 2020…

We’re so close to starting not just a new year but a whole new decade too!
This is the ultimate fresh start!

I love New Year’s because it gives us an opportunity to clarify our desires and create positive momentum. I can’t wait to start using my new Law of Attraction planner, it has BUTTERFLIES on it!! I’m super excited to fill out the first few pages of it with my new goals, desires and intentions for the new year. In fact, I’ve already started!

One of my intentions I’ve set for 2020 is to feel good on the inside and out. Because I believe that feeling good will bring me far more that whatever I thought I needed.

Feeling good aligns us with the Universe/God/Love. This alignment offers us good health, mental clarity, confidence, and a sense of peace. When we feel good, we attract good things to us and accept them with ease.

I want to encourage you to make this apart of your own daily self care. In order to feel good consistently we have to make it a practice. Most of us are in the habit of waiting for our external circumstances to determine how we feel. It’s time to unlearn this! We can access good-feeling emotions even when things aren’t going the way we planned. The key is to spend time every day to proactively focusing on feeling good so it becomes a habit. In other words do more things that bring you joy and make you happy and do them more often.

This year, make feeling good a priority. If you like to journal, start the day off with a journal prompt of “How do I want to feel today?” and free-write about things that make you feel good. This will put you in a high vibe, good feeling mood to jump start your day. You can even schedule fun activities into your calendar! Don’t make it an obligation, make it a priority!

Deepak Chopra wrote: When you’re happy for a particular reason, you’re still in misery- because that reason can be taken away from you tomorrow. When we focus on what we think we need, we weaken our faith in the Universe.

Feeling good is a radical act of creation. When we feel good, we attract solutions, rather that problems and everything else will flow. You are worthy of feeling good!