Kristin Layne Organic Giftcards


Give the Gift of Organic Haircolor
It’s time to experience the extraordinary nourishing power of butters and oils for an intense, sublime and astonishing color effect with OWay organic haircolor.

*100% Ammonia-free Haircolor
*Rich, intense and deep results rich in bright and multi-faceted reflections
*An exclusive alchemy of color that improves hair fibre quality, making it shinier and silkier treatment after treatment

Organic health and beauty is my passion. I believe you deserve a better way to look as beautiful as you like to look. That’s why I offer my clients a healthier alternative to haircolor – color treatment enhanced with biodynamic and organic oils and ingredients.

Perfect coverage of grey hair
Improves texture of your hair
Impeccable shine
Perfect for all hair types
Safe for pregnant women and cancer survivors