Certified Organic Flora Colour Corrective Primer


Correct your complexion the real organic way! The amazing benefits that our Certified Organic Flora Foundation Colour Corrective Primer delivers on the skin will leave you enticed and craving all things organic for your beauty regime.


Zuii embraces the uniqueness in all people and that includes recognising different types of skin concerns. We have handcrafted our naturally derived Colour Corrective Primers  – each designed to combat specific skin imperfections. Mauve gives the skin an illuminated appearance and returns natural luminosity back into sallow complexions. Apricot conceals areas of darkness and unwanted pigmentation, perfect for those who spend time in the Australian sun. Mint neutralizes and disguises redness in the skin, ideal for rosacea or acne-prone skin types. Each shade works harmoniously with nature’s pure ingredients to balance and even out the skin’s appearance for improved makeup coverage. Our natural plant oils and flower extracts are all the more reason to add our product to your organic beauty routine!