Certified Organic Flora Blush


Bring a healthy and natural-looking flush back into your skin with our Certified Organic Flora Blush. The simplicity and soft tones of our blushes are universally flattering and works effortlessly to heal the skin.


Our Flora Blush is handcrafted with the most natural ingredients and is available in five irresistibly blendable talc-free colours. Zuii is 100% committed to quality and we deliver by handcrafting our products with the purest of ingredients. Reinforced with the soothing benefits of Certified Organic Rose petals as well as Jasmine buds and Chamomile flowers will collectively work to soothe and repair scar tissue in the skin. The super silky formulation of our all-natural blushes is perfectly designed for anyone who desires a touch of a wonderful rosy colour to the complexion. Enhance your smile today with the real and organic goodness of our Flora Blushes!