Healthy Hair starts with a Healthy Scalp

Do you suffer from Hair Loss, Dry or Oily Scalp?

Hair loss and scalp disorders affect so many people and it is so disheartening to those experiencing it. As a holistic hair stylist, never did I imagine that my main flow of business would be guests with hair loss and scalp issues. It is rewarding and fulfilling to not only help them regain hair but also improve their lives and show them a healthier lifestyle that will support their journey to healthy hair growth and scalp.

But like any other treatment, committing to a treatment plan is essential to see actual results. And it all begins with a consultation.

Introducing my new toy!!! The Tricho-Analyzer, it’s used during the consultation as it provides a good picture (literally) of what is going on with the scalp. It helps gauge the number of treatments necessary to help remedy whatever issue is at hand. (Hair Loss, Oily Scalp, Dry Scalp) It magnifies the scalp up to 200 times and projects a clear image that I can show my clients for further discussion of treatments.. This also allows clients to follow their progress throughout the treatment journey.

As a hair loss and scalp expert, I provide my clients personalized Hair Loss and Scalp Issue treatments. Each scalp condition is unique, thus treatments should be customized according to each condition.

Once a treatment plan is in place, I determine the amount of product to be used on the location of concern. If the issue is localized in one area, I can treat that area and around the outside of it.


Here are 3 examples of results I have achieved with the Oway treatments on my guests:

Rebalancing Treatment

I use Oway Rebalancing Treatment for clients with oily scalp. The botanical blend of Biodynamic Sage, Euphrasia Extract, and Bugbane Extract in Amazonian Control ClayPure Biodynamic Sage, and Sebum Balance Hair Bath help combat sebaceous hyperactivity, which causes yellow spots and clumps of dandruff to appear on the scalp.
Purifying Treatment for Oily Scalp + Hair Loss Treatment

Many of my clients who complain about hair loss often suffer from dry or oily dandruff as well. For this type of condition, I combine Oway’s Purifying Treatment with the Hair Loss Scalp Care Treatment.

The Purifying Treatment is highly effective in eradicating Malassezia globosa, the dandruff-causing fungus that attacks the scalp. Then we move on to the Hair Loss Treatment, which uses Denisplant, Hair Spa Complex, and Vegetable Stem Cells to revive the hair follicle cells and stimulate hair growth.
Soothing Treatment

For my clients who suffer from red, sensitive scalps, I always turn to Oway’s Soothing Treatment to heal and relieve irritation. This complete treatment contains the Soothing Hair BathZanthoxylum Soothing GelPure Biodynamic Helichrysum, and Soothing Remedy Spot Treatment to calm and comfort sensitive skin, particularly those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, lesions, and abrasions.

With the Oway Hair Loss and Scalp Treatments, I am helping people get their self-confidence back. So if you are suffering from Hair Loss, Dry or Oily Scalp, schedule a complimentary consultation to determine which treatment is right for you.