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Hello Gorgeous!

I'm a Holistic Hairstylist + Intuitive Womb Healer + Spiritual Activist.

As a hairstylist of 17 years, I've spent many hours listening, holding space, coaching + empowering women from behind the chair. After embarking on my own womb healing journey, I learned to love myself in ways I never had before. I worked through layers of guilt, judgment, shame + limiting beliefs that helped me to transform my life. I connected to my womb wisdom + sensuality where I discovered my Illuminating Radiance!

Illuminating Radiance is sacred healing journey to self love, acceptance and empowerment. My journey began 2 1/2 years ago after experiencing a miscarriage. I was spiritually led to several wise women that each gave me tools and embodiment practices to heal from my loss, and other traumas that I hadn't healed from. I learned to take my power back and step into my calling to help other women to discover their worth on a deeper level that will create real lasting self love.

Our womb is the center of our creativity, our emotions and our pleasure. If we are constantly pushing our energetic junk into our womb, its hard for us to access the power we have to manifest our creations into the world. 

There is deep wisdom inside of us when this space is clear, open and flowing.

This is why I created Illuminating Radiance, a sacred and empowering womb healing journey to lead women on a beautiful path to discover their divine radiance, illuminate in their power and manifest the life of their dreams.

When we heal our wombs we live more vibrantly, show up in our radiance and walk in our purpose and truth.

"Radiance comes from a woman knowing + owning her truth: that she is the portal to life and her light is always on. She is connected to the elemental life force...Radiance is not only possible, it's inevitable." - Mama Gena

The most intimate relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

Self love is how you take your power back.


Kristin Layne

Join Illuminating Radiance Today!

Are you tired of feeling unlovable, not "good enough", disconnected from your body + sensuality or the inability to manifest your dreams? I want to help you heal your womb, so you can discover a beautiful self love relationship on the inside + out + take your power back + step into your divine radiance + manifest a miraculous life!

If you are ready to be vulnerable, shed the layers, do the nitty-gritty inner work and get deep into your truth, Illuminating Radiance 1:1 coaching is for you.

When you join Illuminating Radiance, you'll:

Learn to create self-love rituals that light you up.
Receive Reiki energy healing to support your mind, body + spirit.
Receive a mindset makeover to release limiting beliefs + negative self talk.
Learn tools to release womb trauma + connect with your womb wisdom + sensuality.
Learn to listen + trust your inner goddess intuition .
Practice the “F” word to completely let go of guilt or shame.
Rise in your illuminating radiance + manifest miracles in your life.

A Course in Miracles says: Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.

Kristin Layne
Kristin Layne

Say "YES" to yourself!

By establishing a holistic loving relationship with yourself (mind, body + spirit) you can take your power back and with that power, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

If you are tired of feeling like you're not good enough, and suffering from core wounds + womb trauma, Illuminating Radiance is for You!

Create the life of your dreams by learning how to love yourself and heal on the inside + out!



You are not alone! By joining the Illuminating Radiance Sacred Circle, you're committing to fully loving and supporting yourself with the help of other like-minded women in a safe and sacred space. We will support and honor your journey. Together we will light this world up by rising in our RADIANCE!

As a member, you'll receive daily inspiration, learn tips + tools that have helped me on my spiritual healing journey, receive intuitive guidance from me in LIVE Q & A sessions, mini masterclasses + be supported by a tribe of women who are on their own path to help you make self love a priority. 🦋

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