Meet The Self Love Creatrix 🦋

Hi I’m Kristin,

I’m a wife, homeschooling mom of 3, an entrepreneur, self help junkie, coffee connoisseur, lover of tacos, spiritual activist, Self Love Creatrix and Feminine Radiance coach.

I lead women on a self discovery journey of healing and feminine reclamation, which I call Radiance. My passion is to teach women how to tap into their creative flow, channel their feminine radiance and create a life of fulfillment and well-being so that they can shine their radiant light from within out to the world.

I’ve worked with women one-on-one for almost 20 years and realized that not feeling good enough was a theme.

 As women, we are constantly evolving and transitioning. Sometimes these changes are forced upon us by events beyond our control. And sometimes we actively choose to transition, such as choosing a partner, moving to a new city, changing careers, or even starting a family. But whether we choose them or they choose us, transitions almost always ask us to redefine who we are, to integrate who we’ve become, and re-discover our sense of belonging and or acceptance.

Together, we’ll work through layers of emotions and feelings that are associated with these life changes (also known as the wounded feminine) such as guilt, judgment, grief, resentment, shame, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns so that you can create a life that honors and supports you with radical self love.

The most enduring and profound relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.

Self-love is the practice of being PRESENT with the part of you that is good enough, by letting go of the part of you that thinks it is not.

We can only give what we've got. The amount of love we have for ourselves determines the amount of love we express in our relationships, families, business and in the world!

As your coach, I will guide you to heal your wounded feminine and awaken your radiance so that you can become rooted in your worthiness and value, have a deeper connection to your inner wisdom and live a life of passion, pleasure and prosperity.

Kristin Layne

Do you have feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, or not feeling good enough? Do you struggle with setting boundaries, people-pleasing, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, or compare yourself to other? Are you desiring a life that feels aligned with clarity in who you are and what you want? Do you feel that there is an untapped fire of potential within you, but you're unsure how to access it? Are you longing to feel confident, empowered and free, but don't know where to begin?

If so, my 3 month 1:1 mentorship is for you to activate your divine feminine radiance!

The Path to Feminine Radiance...This mentorship program will be catered to your unique needs, but some of the things we cover could include:

Align with your authentic soul desires
Bring awareness to thought patterns + limiting beliefs with a mindset makeover
Healing your inner child + wounded feminine (people pleasing, fear, perfectionism, comparison, guilt, shame, etc.)
Setting empowered boundaries
Build up your foundation of self love + self compassion that you can always return to
Balancing Masculine and Feminine energies
Unlock your feminine gifts for new levels of expansion, abundance + sensual expression
Embodiment practices + meditations to guide your journey

Package Includes: 3 Month 1:1 Mentorship, 12 - 1 hour coaching calls via zoom, Support via email or text, Free Access to any workshops being offered during the 3 months, Free Membership to Illuminating Radiance Sacred Circle for ongoing support and community.

Kristin Layne
Kristin Layne

Attend a Workshop!

The journey to unstoppable radiance and self love is an ongoing process and you don't have to do it alone. Women in Radiance Wellness Workshops are sacred online gatherings for women to experience conscious conversations that encompass heart centered virtues, womb wisdom, holistic self care, relationships, manifesting, deep nourishment and wellness with other

Each month we’ll focus on a new theme to expand our mind, body and spirit with meditation, embodiment practices and reflective exercises.

Come learn how to live and lead from the heart.


You are not alone! By joining the Illuminating Radiance Sacred Circle, you're committing to fully loving and supporting yourself with the help of other like-minded women in a safe and sacred space. We will support and honor your journey. Together we will light this world up by rising in our RADIANCE!

As a member, you'll receive daily inspiration, learn tips + tools that have helped me on my spiritual healing journey, receive intuitive guidance from me in LIVE Q & A sessions, mini masterclasses + be supported by a tribe of women who are on their own path to help you make self love a priority. 🦋

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