Claim Your Happiness!

Happiness is this way.
No, this way.
If you do this you will be happy.
No, wait, this is what really makes you happy.
Did you hear about this car? This job? This brand?
If you look like this you will be happy forever.
If only I was younger I would be happier, if only I was older.

I’ll be happy when _______. (Don’t even fill in the blank…)
How many times have you said that to yourself?
I know I have…waiting on the right job, relationship, vacation, amazon package, weight loss, new car…the list goes on…

Why do we continue to waste precious time, waiting for things to fall into place so we can finally be happy?

Humans roam all corners of the earth searching high and low for this elusive emotion. What makes one happy today will not do the job tomorrow and what makes you happy doesn’t do the trick for me.

So how do we find it? Where is it?

What if it isn’t something to be found at all, what if in all this searching we are just confusing ourselves and wasting our time?

When we see how happy little children are- that’s considered natural.
Why should it be considered natural that we become unhappy in the ways we do? We are taught illusions and buy illusions.We continue to align our thoughts, feelings and fears with those illusions. For example: I am separate from you or I am separate from the Universe and all the perceived needs that flow from that thought of separation.

When we are having conversations with our friends and they ask “What’s going on with you?” More often than not, we are in this mental habit of responding with a problem.
There is a lot social junction with claiming too much happiness in fear that we might offend people in some way. “What are you so happy about?” like it’s odd to be in a good mood.
Happiness is a decision we must make -REGARDLESS!

Happiness is not circumstance dependent.

The ego says: “If this or that will change then I’ll be happy.”
The Spirit says: “Claim your happiness now and things are more than likely to change.”

You can’t buy happiness on Amazon, BE HAPPY!

When you make the decision to claim your happiness, your filter changes. Your thinking will have an emotional psychological re-evaluation to the world around you and everything will begin to unfold differently.
Happiness is kind of like meditating, instead of focusing on breathing, we tune in to our awareness and focus on happiness. . When we become distracted we just bring the focus right back to happiness.

Sounds so simple.

These tips will help you to shift your focus to happiness when you become distracted by your own feelings. Just like breathing in meditation use these tools to help you focus on happiness.

1. Create a Happy List
Write out a list of things that make you happy. If happiness is a choice then choose to do one of the things that bring you pure delight every day.You are choosing joy by partaking in an act that brings you positive emotions. Having a list to choose from when you need a boost or motivation will make this process easier for you!

2. Look at Photos
Open your phone and look at your memories. I love seeing my Facebook memories of my kids baby picture. Photos are a great way to remember good times of happiness in your life. Most people are smiling in photos. Why? To remember a moment of happiness, to remember themselves as happy. . Look at the past moments of joy that yourself, your friends and family tried to leave you through their smiles in your photos.

3. Set a Reminder
“Choose happiness” Place a background on your phone, set a reminder in your schedule, write it on your fridge, set a reminder on your computer background. Place a reminder anywhere and everywhere you need or want, to remind you throughout the day to focus on happiness.

4. Vision Board
Head to the dollar store and pick up a small or large bulletin board. Cut out images or quotes from magazines or print some things from the internet and create a happiness collage for yourself. Place this on your fridge, in your bedroom or anywhere you like where you will see it daily. Create a new one every few months to keep things fresh. This will serve as another reminder to choose happiness.

5. Gratitude Journal
Journaling is a great tool to remind you to choose happiness at the beginning of your day. Write out the things you are grateful and happy for first thing in the morning. This will set the tone for the entire day ahead and is a great way to set the focus on happiness.