To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. When you accept yourself you feel radiant. Radiance comes from a woman knowing and owning her truth. When you love yourself, you maintain your radiance with self care.

Have you found your True Love?

By shan | February 1, 2020

It took almost 33 years to find my true love. I searched far and wide. I looked for this true love in many places. Mostly the hearts of others. I would look at them thinking ‘Is it you?’ Not paying attention to my own reflection in their eyes, I just kept searching. The search was hard. It left my heart battered. Having to restart, I sat alone. At the bottom of the barrel. The end of the rope. And that’s when I noticed her smiling at me. It took alot of work to look at her and admit I loved her. For it is truly scary to fall in love with one’s self. It’s an embarrassing process of sorts, an awkward Bambi legs of a moment. I never thought she could be my true love. I used to not understand her. She annoyed the shit out of me. I would …

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The Morning Manifesting Ritual That Will Transform Your Life

By Kristin Layne | January 1, 2020

Do you desire to BE MORE? DO MORE? HAVE MORE? By creating a morning ritual you can shine bright and live your best life in 2020. Why A Morning Ritual Is Important  Mornings are a sacred time, especially when it comes to manifesting your desires. The time when you first wake up sets your entire day into motion- what you think about, feel, and focus on in the early hours of the morning direct the energy of your entire day. If you wake up and immediately start thinking low vibrational thoughts, you will only attract more low vibe thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Don’t get stuck in this loop. Instead, right when you wake up- focus on high vibrational thoughts so you can feel your best for the entire day and attract more high vibrational experiences and manifestations into your life. If you are actively manifesting specific things and have already …

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Happy New Year

By shan | December 29, 2019

Countdown to 2020… We’re so close to starting not just a new year but a whole new decade too! This is the ultimate fresh start! I love New Year’s because it gives us an opportunity to clarify our desires and create positive momentum. I can’t wait to start using my new Law of Attraction planner, it has BUTTERFLIES on it!! I’m super excited to fill out the first few pages of it with my new goals, desires and intentions for the new year. In fact, I’ve already started! One of my intentions I’ve set for 2020 is to feel good on the inside and out. Because I believe that feeling good will bring me far more that whatever I thought I needed. Feeling good aligns us with the Universe/God/Love. This alignment offers us good health, mental clarity, confidence, and a sense of peace. When we feel good, we attract good …

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Healthy Hair starts with a Healthy Scalp

By Kristin Layne | September 6, 2019

Do you suffer from Hair Loss, Dry or Oily Scalp? Hair loss and scalp disorders affect so many people and it is so disheartening to those experiencing it. As a holistic hair stylist, never did I imagine that my main flow of business would be guests with hair loss and scalp issues. It is rewarding and fulfilling to not only help them regain hair but also improve their lives and show them a healthier lifestyle that will support their journey to healthy hair growth and scalp. But like any other treatment, committing to a treatment plan is essential to see actual results. And it all begins with a consultation. Introducing my new toy!!! The Tricho-Analyzer, it’s used during the consultation as it provides a good picture (literally) of what is going on with the scalp. It helps gauge the number of treatments necessary to help remedy whatever issue is at …

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Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

By Kristin Layne | April 6, 2019

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. – Vincent Van Gogh   Spring is finally in the Hair, the flowers are blooming and the pollen is everywhere! I was recently out on a housecall/playdate  (Yes! I do organic haircolor services in the comfort of your home) with my kiddos tagging along and my daughter was admiring the trees we were passing with gorgeous white and pink blooms. She said, “Mom, God is a really good artist!!” My heart melted, “Yes! He is!” Look around and you will see the most beautiful art work everywhere! Every day we should be celebrating and nurturing our earth however April 26th is Earth Day! So I would like to challenge you this month to make a change in your own lifestyle that will help to keep the environment beautiful and make the world a better place. Here are a few ways …

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