Be a Magnet for your Desires!

In March we Magnetize!
March is Women’s Month which means it is the perfect time for us women to explore our feminine energy, awaken our sensuality and creativity, and incorporate mindfulness, playfulness, and a bit of pampering in our day-to-day life.

1. Get your body moving!
Taking care of your physical health by attending dance classes, free-flow movement, or meditation sessions not only boost your mood but attract positivity and good energy within you.

2. Allow time for healing, recharging, and self-care
Women are often caught up with everyday tasks and most often neglect to protect our energy. It is important to recognize our needs and nurture our spirit.

To recharge, try the Japanese energy healing called Reiki therapy.

Another way to balance your energy is through singing bowl therapy. Singing bowl therapy reduces stress and anxiety with the help of vibrational frequency. It helps align and strengthen women’s mental, emotional, and physical state.

If you are in need of deep relaxation, you can try yoga nidra guided meditation. Yoga classes that end with a long yoga savasana allows you to go into a state of yogic sleep, putting you into a relaxed consciousness while still being aware and awake.

3. Spend time with other women
Having a good support group or a few friends to fall back on nurtures your soul and recharges your feminine energy. A simple afternoon tea or happy hour with your girlfriends acts as a great therapy when things are not going your way.

4. Treat yourself to some retail therapy
Rewarding yourself with simple pleasures can definitely lift your energy. Go on a shopping spree for things that make you feel beautiful. Radiate feminine energy through colors, textures, shapes that complement your look and personality. From accessories, beauty care products, and other lifestyle finds.

5. Make your own pleasure a priority
Awaken your divine feminine goddess by focusing and embracing your own sexual pleasure. Good pleasurable sex is essential for women, you shouldn’t be afraid of asserting your wants and needs in sexual matters. Cultivate feminine energy by getting out of your head and stimulating your senses.

6. Book a day for pampering
Now more than ever, it is important to add a bit of downtime and include relaxation in your agenda for some recuperation.

7. Do things that spark your creativity
Let your creative juices flow and immerse yourself in artistic expression. Attend a workshop that allows you to hone your creative force and learn a skill or two.

When you embrace your feminine edge you become more magnetic to all that is meant for you.